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We are a forum of highly motivated architects, interior designers, artists, landscape architects, and engineers, enthusiastically striving to provide modern & rational architectural solutions to our clients.

Our expertise spreads across a variety of project types ranging from hospitality, healthcare, commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential, to documentation, heritage conservation, and branding. We are currently working on projects in India and abroad

The firm was established by Asit Mandal in 2015 in an attempt to provide more client-centric designs, with an immense focus on designing healthier built environments. This would mean working wholly around clients' goals - to achieve what they believe in, and to advance their brands and identities through architecture and design. Putting these together with technology in design, 3D modeling, daylight calculations, sustainable designs, and good building engineering is what the team call "a modern & rational design".


Asit Mandal, founder and partner is a licensed architect with the Council of Architecture, India. He graduated from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (B.Arch) in 2009, and from Arizona State University, USA (M.Arch) in 2013. He has headed a variety of architectural and design projects over the years in various organizations.

Amrisha Thapa, lead designer and partner in the firm, is a licensed architect with the Council of Architecture, India. She graduated from Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture, Chandigarh (B.Arch) in 2012, and has held a wide spectrum of roles over the years, with an extensive working experience in Larsen and Toubro Construction and Raja Aederi Consultants. She has established herself with proficiency and is really enthused about the things she does.


Within the practice, designers work with a fresh brain-storming session which brings about a holistic design that is suitable to the site and holds a strong user-friendly focus. The design is further taken up with specialists such as structural and MEP engineers, who work along the basic concept. The project is then seen through till completion, providing a continuity throughout the various stages.

Form follows function | RATIONAL ARCHITECTURE  As a team, we are dedicated to matching architecture and interior design with a rationalism that responds to changing needs. We explore through case studies and intense research. We work with clients to understand their needs and the way in which a space will be used. By designing inside-out for a seamless sense of transition and connectivity, we aim at creating interiors which are functional, evoking a sense of plan and complementing the overall architectural expression.

The studio works on BIM technology through various project stages. A BIM based workflow enables us to analyze the virtual building model in Virtual Reality mode, and also for day-lighting studies, energy usage simulation, and materials. BIM also enhances collaboration through the various stages of the project.

Asit Mandal

Asit Mandal

Amrisha Thapa

Amrisha Thapa

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